The Wakayama economic review 386
2016-12-01 発行

Development of Financial Education in Japan under the Rapid Growth of IOT

Development of Financial Education in Japan under the Rapid Growth of IOT
Inga, Malinauskaite
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Financial education
cyber security
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In recent years, many countries conduct financial education for consumers from primary education. This is because financial products which individuals can access increase recently, and it becomes more important to promote possession of individual financial assets and the importance of consumer protection is increasing. In addition, because almost all trade are done on line, consumers have to learn about information literacy or cyber security. That is to say, the importance of financial education and information literacy is increasing to improve financial literacy from young. However, the international standards about educational contents and educational methods haven't been established yet, and differ from countries. Financial education has been conducted in Japan, and it shows great result these days. This study shows problems that financial education in Japan has had, and what is financial educational innovation that shows great result by international comparison. The result of this study can be a good example for countries which will conduct financial education in the future.
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