Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 54
2004-02-27 発行

The relation between the life realities and companion situation of graduate of special school for the handicapped. : Based on the investigation to graduate of W special school for the handicapped

養護学校卒業後の生活実態と仲間との交流の関係に関する研究 : W養護学校卒業生への調査をもとにして
山崎 由香子
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The two points were clarified by the follow-up survey to graduates. (1) There are a lot of resignation experienced people in the graduates. (2) The reason for the resignation is not to be able to take communications with others. And another reason is that they cannot satisfactorily accomplish work. In addition, we analyzed it whether the graduates were participating in the alumni association and open school for youth. And we paid attention whether the graduates had the companionship. As a result, the two points were clarified. Between activities of the alumni association and open school for youth and companionship, it was clarified that the graduates were supporting it each other. The graduates can solve the difficulty with the relation between the organization and people who support them.
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