Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 54
2004-02-27 発行

Perception toward School Mathematics on Prospective Elementary School Teachers : Focussing Prospective Elementary School Teachers in Wakayama University

小学校教員免許取得志望学生の算数・数学に対する意識について : 和歌山大学教育学部学生を対象にして
今井 敏博
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The purpose of this research is to investigate perception toward arithmetic and perception toward junior and high school mathematics on prospective elementary school teachers. Many of non-scientific course students responded that they became to dislike high school mathematics. They selected the lack of effect as the cause of disliking mathematics among lack of ability, difficulty of problem, lack of effect, lack of luck. It is important for high school math teachers to develop good teaching method related to non-scientific course.
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