Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 57
2007-02-28 発行

A study on the education of computer and information for the general education in the primary and lower secondary level

荒駒 江美
佐藤 史人
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The purpose of this article is to research a direction in the contents of "Computer and information education" in the primary and lower secondary level. As a result, the following have been understood in this investigation. 1. There are a lot of examples of using the computer as an educational aid and tool. 2. There is no example that makes the basic structure and the mechanism of the computer in the contents of studies at all. We have the three educational aims of the technology education in general education "Scientific recognition, skill, and view of technology". It is apparent that very few of studies have this educational aims in this research It is necessary to construct the theory of contents with the viewpoint of the technology education, and to research and develop the teaching material in the future.
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