Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Humanities science 72
2022-02-09 発行

Controversy over the Reconstruction of the Dojoji Temple Bell : MANJYU

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Neither of the medieval hanging bells of Dojoji Temple and Doi Hachimangu Shrine remain on the site.The Dojo Hachimangu bell was moved to Kogenji Temple under the influence of the separation of Shintoism and Buddhism, while the Dojoji bell was transported to Myomanji Temple far away in Kyoto as a “cursed and unlucky bell”. Moreover, the two bells were recast without retaining their original medieval form. I would like to explore the truth behind Manjumaru's Shohei Tokusei, or the Dojoji Revival, which was a frame of the Hidaka-gun Namboku-cho Civil War,from the perspective of the fishing bells that suffered a strange fate according to the medieval Dojoji legend. This paper is part of a regional contribution project to academically support Wakayama Prefecture's tourism events in 2021.
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