The annals of the Economic Society, Wakayama University 11
2007-07-01 発行

A Study of revitalisation of town centre in the U.K.

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This paper examines the way to revitalize town centre economies in rural towns such as Sheffield, Peterborough and Ipswitch in the U.K. A questionnaire survey was conducted to examine customers' behavior during visit to the town centre in Ipswitch. The main findings are as follows; first, the town centres in the U.K have generally been vibrant in the last 20 years simply because they attract many customers and this is because of instituting PPG 6 (Planning Policy Guidance No.6) scheme since 1983. The town centres also provide customers with a variety of commodities including brand goods and walking environments such as open cafes, green sites, and rivers that are nicely supplied. An empirical research has been conducted to test which factorss affect duration of time spent shopping by customers relying on binomial logit model techniques. The result shows that age plays a significantly role in the length of time spent shopping.
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