Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 69
2019-02-08 発行

Dynamic Assessment using Group Learning : in Junior High School Social Studies

グループ学習を活用したダイナミック・アセスメント : 中学校社会科における試み
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Keywords Alternative
dynamic assessment
zone of proximal development
group learning
Abstract Alternative
The dynamic assessment is based on the concept of “zone of proximal development” by L.S.Vygotsky. Although Vygotsky also mentioned “collaboration with more capable peers”, few studies on the dynamic assessment have focused on it. The present study investigated the feasibility of dynamic assessment using group learning in social studies in junior high school with critical considerations about Davin’s paper (2011). The author employed the analysis intervention by teachers, the conversation among students in small groups and answers worksheets or tests.
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