Wakayama Tourism Review 5
2024-03-15 発行

Value co-creation in smart tourism : A service ecosystem perspective

Value co-creation in smart tourism : A service ecosystem perspective
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Smart tourism
Service-dominant logic
Service ecosystem
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With the widespread application of information and communication technology in the tourism industry, smart tourism has become the focus of tourism research in the past decade. As an advanced stage of tourism informatization, smart tourism exhibits characteristics of networked and platform-based operations, establishing a new model for the co-creation of value among multiple stakeholders. Meanwhile, service ecosystems, as the latest development of service-dominant logic theory in dynamic network environments, have become a cutting-edge perspective in value co-creation research. This study will depart from the perspective of the service ecosystem, following a "micro-meso-macro" logic, to delve into the value co-creation mechanism of smart tourism. The aim is to innovate the value co-creation model of smart tourism and provide new research perspectives. This research holds significant and far-reaching implications for the further development of the smart tourism field and the optimization of value co-creation models.
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