Wakayama Tourism Review 2
2022/3/31 発行

The possiblity of introducing area management activities in Koyasan

The possiblity of introducing area management activities in Koyasan
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Keywords Alternative
Social capital
Area management activities
Koyasan Shukubo Association
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The purpose of this short communication is to explore the possibility of introducing “area management activities,” a type of community activity, in Koyasan, a historical religious area in Wakayama Prefecture. In June 2018, the “Regional Revitalization Area Management Contributions System” was established by the Cabinet Office in Japan to financially support area management activities. In the future, it is expected that area management activities will be development across Japan, including in Wakayama Prefecture,using this system. First, the concept of social capital and how it can positively influence area management activities is discussed. Based on preliminary findings from a study conducted in Koyasan, the possibility of introducing area management activities using regional characteristics, such as historical heritage and tourism attractions is discussed in this paper.
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