Wakayama Tourism Review 2
2022/3/31 発行

Attraction factors of workcation in Japan

Attraction factors of workcation in Japan
OHARA, Mitsuharu
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Digital nomads
Attraction factors
Pull factors
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The study of workcations (work and vacation) in Japan is still in its rudimentary stage. To date, there has been little research on the pull factors or attractiveness of locations suitable for people pursuing workcations in Japan. Reviewing previous research on Bali, Indonesia, a popular destination among digital nomads, this study first attempted to identify the key pull factors of Bali as a workcation destination. The paper then discusses the possible full factors of Japanese destination to attract workcation travelers from Japan and overseas. In this study, the following six factors were identified as key pull factors of Bali: fun activities and events, appeal as a work location, resources such as co-working spaces, active interaction with people, economic benefits, and good access. Since many Japanese people seek Iyashi (healing) in nature during their vacation, this paper proposes that activities that provide an Iyashi experience could also be strong pull factors for Japanese destinations.
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