Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Humanities science 58
2008-02-29 発行

A Study on Practical Skill Development for Japanese Language Classes Aimed : at "Learning Acceleration" for Students in Teacher Training

国語の学びを促す授業実践技量の養成 : 国語科教育実習生の場合
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Keywords Alternative
Japanese language student teacher
teaching skills
learning acceleration
teaching plans
Abstract Alternative
Teacher-centered teaching could cause a serious problem for learner-centered education. Students in teacher training take a close look at their own teaching skills. Recent classes aim at teaching skills for learning acceleration. However, based on the observation of their mimic Japanese language classes, it turned out that many students in teacher training cannot plan classes aimed at learning acceleration. I advised those students in teacher training to brush up previous class plans from the learning accelerating perspective. As a result, they submitted various improvements. These improvements include reorganization for higher thinking activities, addition of teaching materials for more elaborate plans, and class plans aimed at integrating teaching materials with learners' experiences and daily lives. Students in teacher training tend to take teacher-centered styles. In order to rectify this problem, therefore, it is imperative for coordinators of Japanese teacher training courses to let the students realize the importance of learning acceleration during class planning with the help of some specific models at the university level.
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