Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Humanities science 58
2008-02-29 発行

A Tentative Plan for Developing Teacher's Practical Skills in Elementary School English Activities

ERIKAWA, Haruo Faculty of Education
辻 伸幸
磯辺 ゆかり
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This paper examines fundamental issues that arise in implementation of elementary school English activities. Reflecting historical background in Japan and the current circumstances in East Asia, tentative proposals for instructional methods and materials are discussed. A prototype of class design has developed for children especially in the lower classes at an elementary school with adequate consideration for marked features in each developmental stage of children. Through practical experience of teaching English to school-aged children, two major factors are suggested in devising a curriculum for elementary school English activities. The study also refers to the importance of partnership between elementary schools and junior high schools and of interactive in-service training for teachers involved in English instruction at elementary schools.
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