Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Humanities science 71
2021-02-08 発行

Nationwide Local Elections of Uruguay under Covid-19Pandemic in 2020

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In Uruguay, the election process, which comes every five years, begins with the party primary elections in June and ends with the nationwide local elections on the second Saturday of May the following year. But in 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the election dates had to be postponed to September 27th. It had an unexpected effect.I would like to describe the election process with a focus on three things:1. Confrontation between the Broad Front and the ruling party coalition(coalición multicolor)in the election of the governor of the capital, Montevideo. 2. Can the Broad Front maintain the governorship of the three inland prefectures which obtained in the previous election? 3. Can Cabildo Abierto,a right-wing party led by ex-commander in chief, who appeared like a comet in the last election, maintain and expand the party power?
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