Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Humanities science 71
2021-02-08 発行

Japanese tied to the Chinese Empire : Historical Personality Assessment Database

漢帝国に紐付けられた「日本史」 : 歴史人物「見立て」データベースの公開へ
KAIZU, Ichiro Faculty of Education researchmap
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Following Kazuo Osumi’s method of linking historical figures with the method of “like”, a database of historical figures is created using the classical texts of Japan and China owned by Kodansha Gakujutsu Bunko (Academic Library,Kodansha Ltd.).It elucidates the self-perception of Japanese Japan as a miniature of the Han Empire through the cases of Emperor Temmu, Kiyomori Taira, and Emperor Godaigo who identified themselves as Liu Bang,Wang Mang, and Liu Shu.In addition to this,my paper pointed out the existence of ‘like’due to the birth of the causal concept of retribution.This was a global transgender ‘like’that transcended national and gender boundaries.The Japanese medievalists lived in such a world.
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