Tourism Studies 23
2020-09-30 発行

Proposals for the management of Yokokan garden

ONO, Kenkichi Faculty of Tourism
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Yokokan villa
Fukui city
Daimyo garden
garden tourism
Trip Advisor
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Yokokan located at the city of Fukui is a villa with a pond garden built in the latter half of the 17th century by the Matsudaira family, the feudal lord of Fukui Domain. The space design is highly appreciated that the garden pond and the main building set just on its eastern shore are exquisitely integrated. Since the reconstruction of the building burnt down during the World War II was completed in 1993, the garden together with the building has been open to the public. In recent years, Yokokan attracts sixty to seventy thousand visitors annually, and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. This paper aimed to reveal the characteristics of Yokokan and its management problems through analyzing reviews posted on Trip Advisor and tourism related data offered by the city of Fukui. Subsequently, the following proposals for the better management of Yokokan are suggested. 1)Garden maintenance system should be more stabilized. 2)The number of access to the website of Yokokan should be increased to disseminate its attractiveness. 3)Events making the best use of the exquisitely-integrated design of building and garden should be planned and implemented, especially in the summer and winter seasons when visitors decrease. 4)The system for the residents of Fukui to participate in activities of Yokokan in various ways should be considered. 5)The total income should be increased by measures such as raising entrance fee to improve the garden and building maintenance.
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