Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Humanities science 70
2020-02-04 発行

Liu Shaoqi and the Radicalization of the Land Reform Movement in North Rural China,1947

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This paper,mainly using the Jin-cha-ji Ribao newspaper (晋察冀日),analyzed the “May24th directive” of the Jin-cha-ji local branch of the central committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)and arrived at the following conclusions.First,during the investigation of the land reform movement from May-August, 1947,a very violent situation occurred in the CCP’s area of control in north rural China.Second,the situation was dreadful. Therefore, the CCP will lead the public to believe that Liu Shaoqi and the Jin-cha-ji local branch of the central committee tried to correct the mistakes as early and as much as possible.Finally,on the one hand,the CCP keeps emphasizing that Liu Shaoqi played a leading role in the land reform in 1947. On the other hand,the CCP denies Mao Zedong’s aggressive and direct participation in land reform in those days.Thus,it can be said that double measures are taken to protect Mao Zedong from the responsibility of causing the dreadful situation.
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