Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Humanities science 70
2020-02-04 発行

Practice of Revised Version of TDC in Goal Type Game Unit and Verification of Effect

NAKAZAWA, Tomofumi
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This study examined the effects of using a revised version of TDC (Tactical Decision-making Competence: Richardson & Henninger,2008)in a goal-type game unit in elementary school.The revised version of TDC(TDC-r) presents to students from level 1 to level 4 drawings according to the goal of the unit,and asks the students’perception by questions.This could be interpreted as recognizing an invisible part by students in the game, which is one way to improve the reflection. Also, the teacher’s valuing for the decline in children’s level perception played an important role. In addition, conversations using levels were seen among students. The TDC-r played a role of common understanding in terms of“level”, but there were some differences in recognition among students. In addition, we were able to confirm the transformation of recognition through the TDC-r in relation to teachers and classmates. In other words, TDC-r can be interpreted as facilitating presentation of tasks and improvement of student’s reflection, transformation of recognition, improvement of skills, and common understanding with peers and teachers.
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