Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Humanities science 68 2
2018-02-23 発行

Nation Building Through Educational Reform in Uruguay : from Reforma Valeriana to Batllista Era

ウルグアイにおける教育改革を通じたネイション・ビルディング : バレーラ改革からバッジェ期まで
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Ex-colonial countries and/or multi-ethnic countries meet difficulty in nation building. But Uruguay had great success in this problem by educational reform. This Article summarises briefly relationship between educational reform and nation building in Uruguay, based on Jens Hentchke’s brilliant study about School Reform in Uruguay. He focused the continuities in change from educational reform of José Pedro and Jacobo Valera to that of Batllismo I also sum up how to invent hero and landscape of which need making imagined community through education and centenarian ceremony.
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