Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Humanities science 68 2
2018-02-23 発行

Classification of the Enjoyment of the Basketball Class for the University Students of Physical Education and Sports Chair

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Keywords Alternative
the Flow State Scale
structure of the enjoyment
Abstract Alternative
The purpose of this study was to classify the enjoyment of the basketball class for the university students. Using the self-administered questionnaire with the FSS (Flow State Scale), we investigated the structure of the flow state of the students of physical education and sports chair, W university. First, as the results of factor analysis, we extracted 6factors for the structure of the enjoyment of the basketball class: 1) Confidence, 2) Autotelic Experience, 3) Loss of Self-Consciousness, 4) Action-Awareness Merging, 5) Concentration, and 6) Clear goals. Secondly, we divided the survey participants into the skillful and unskillful group (subjectively). And it was revealed that the skillful group tended to acquire the sense of Flow more than the unskillful group, while the participants would experience the sense of Flow in spite of skillful or unskillful.
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