Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Humanities science 68 2
2018-02-23 発行

Treatise on Contemporary Techniques and Notation of S.Sciarrino’s Works for Flute : From the Viewpoint of Actual Performance

S.シャリーノ作品におけるフルートの特殊奏法とその記譜法について : 実際のパフォーマンスの観点から
若林 かをり
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Concerning contemporary techniques and notations, a collection of works for solo flute by Salvatore Sciarrino is one of the most important works in the modern flute repertoire. Since his works are characterized by unique and contemporary sounds, each piece has to be played with extreme precision in order to produce those special sounds sought by the composer. Sciarrino’s score is filled with special notations that are often puzzling to flutists, which presents a significant obstacle to interpreting his works. For these reasons, performers have to gain a thorough understanding of the notation and contemporary techniques, in addition to thinking about how to interpret and expressively produce the sounds required by the composer. This study summarizes the linkage between the notations and sound effects the composer expected,as well as how the sounds are executed. In addition, it examines technical issues and performance strategies.
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