Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 56
2006-02-28 発行

A case study on the process of curriculum making and internship in KASEDA high school in Wakayama Prefecture

和歌山県立笠田高等学校における教育課程編成に関する実証的研究 : 1999年改訂学習指導要領への対応と就業体験学習
佐藤 史人
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This study analyzes the curriculum and the internship in KASEDA high school. And the purpose of this study is to characterize its originality. It is found out that independent curriculum have been developed and reformed in this high school, under the course of study and prefectural administration for education. The original plan of curriculum is discussed by its school curriculum committee. In this high school "SYUGYO TAIKEN GAKUSYU" have been practiced from 1998. This is an internship of a sort. This has the aim to form the student's view of each vocational life through the experience in enterprises and offices. The internship management by teachers and parents deserves attention.
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370 Education
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