Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 58
2008-02-29 発行

Some comments on the Practical Science Education

高須 英樹
久富 邦彦
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We report on our unique education program for science teacher that includes many familiar environments or simple experiments. It has been already proved that the practical science education is very effective to make students be interested in the class. In elementary schools and junior high schools, however, it has become difficult to perform practical observations or experiments in a science class. One of the reasons is the lack of teachers' skills. In addition, it must be stressed that scientific knowledge is crucially important for science teachers. It is desirable that students learn the teaching skills at schools, as well as study the science theories hidden behind the easily discernible phenomenon at the university. These two factors, theory and practice, must be balanced to train good science teachers.
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