Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 58
2008-02-29 発行

Some characteristics of the career counseling at the Faculty of Education in Wakayama University

鮫島 麻由
佐藤 史人
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The purpose of this paper is to explain the history of the introduction of career counseling to the Faculty of Education in Wakayama University and to clarify the characteristic attitudes of the students toward their future and their future occupations through the actual career counseling examples. Through this study we found that the students at the Faculty of Education have some characteristic worries or anxieties in the selection of their future course after graduation. Since many of the students in the Faculty of Education try to be (or are expected to be) a teacher, the rest of the students, who want to have an occupation other than a teacher, are influenced by this fact and they feel uneasy in deciding what to do in the future under such the circumstances. From now on, we have to solve the problems of how to "give more information about the selection of future occupations", "make them more conscious of their active future life design", and "promote more active use of career counseling", which have been insufficient until now, in addition to "concrete instructions for job -hunting" and "giving mental support". We also propose the ideal way of career counseling through continuous support from the viewpoint of the whole student life.
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