Graduate School of Teacher Education Wakayama University bulletin of Course Specializing in Professional Development in Education 3
2019-03-25 発行

Constructing Social Studies Lessons in Junior High School for Nurturing Public Nature by Paying Attention to Acquisition of “societal perspectives / approaches” ; Possibility of Incorporation of Reflecting Process.

「見方・考え方」の獲得に着目し、公共性の育成をめざす中学校社会科授業構成 : リフレクティング・プロセスの援用可能性
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Societal Perspectives/Approaches
Public Nature
Reflecting Process
In this research, I consider “societal perspectives / approaches” that contribute to nurturing civic nature, propose a lesson model that makes it possible to acquire, and examine the result of practice. First of all, I regard “public nature” as civic qualities that we want to raise in lesson of social studies, and “social exclusion” as “societal perspectives / approaches ”, and considered each one. Next, in order to overcome the two difficulties of realization of public nature and change of dominant story, I proposed the composition of social studies classes that supported the reflecting process and practical lessons. Finaleffectiveness. Departmental Bulletin Paper publisher
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