Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 71
2021-02-08 発行

Care and Self-government in Group-guidance : Beyond the “Zero Tolerance-Standard System”

集団づくりにおけるケアと自治 : 「ゼロトレ・スタンダード体制」を越えて
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In recent years, education policies include the introduction of zero tolerance and school standards. When the two are united and the “Zero Tolerance-Standard System”is established, the school will further strengthen the oppression and control of children,leading to the exclusion of children with various difficulties from the school. In such a school situation,we will develop interpersonal relationship guidance and group guidance in multiple layers while staying close to children with difficulties as coexisting others,based on the care and self-government that are required now. I would like to clarify the composition of the practice of group-guidance.
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