Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 71
2021-02-08 発行

Research on school building through children’s academic ability building : Focusing on KUBO Itsuki and the efforts of Kyoto Municipal Shinbayashi Elementary School

子どもたちの学力づくりを通した学校づくりに関する研究 : 久保齋と京都市立新林小学校の取り組みを中心に
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We will take up Hiroshi Kishimoto, an elementary school teacher who has made major theoretical and practical contributions to the educational practice for the formation of basic academic ability after the war, and divide it into five periods from the perspective of life history research.I have clarified the whole picture of my work.In this paper,Kishimoto’s closest teacher is to examine what kind of meaning and value this Kishimoto’s theory and practice of basic academic ability formation had in the subsequent educational practice and educational movement. At the same time, focusing on Itsuki Kubo, who has been self-forming as a teacher under the influence of an educational culture different from Kishimoto,the educational practice of the time of Kyoto Municipal Shinbayashi Elementary School, when Kubo’s practice flourished most. To take up. Then, through the theme of building academic ability,we will try to analyze whether Kubo promoted the school building of Shinbayashi Elementary School as an initiative of the entire faculty and staff group, not as an individual practice.
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