Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 55
2005-02-28 発行

Kentaro Sasaki : Physical education teacher belonged to Kinan-Sakkyou : His joining in Kinan・Sakkyou

「紀南作教の体育教師」佐々木賢太郎 : 紀南作教への参加
石田 智巳
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Kentaro Sasaki, the author of "Taiiku-no-ko" had made many famous P.E.practices as a teacher of junior high school and high school at Kinan district since the end of the World War2.The features of his practices are ; 1) using compositions as educational method, 2) combining with educational guidance, 3) starting from reality of children's bodies and minds, and so on. This study attempts to clarify the process of his joining in Kinan-Sakkyou and the way to use compositions to practices anal- yzing his articles and "Kinan Kyoiku" which were bulletins of Kinan-Sakkyou.
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370 Education
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