Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 55
2005-02-28 発行

Important Issues in Dealing with Today's Children & Youth : Based on observations of juvenile delinquency today

現代の子どもと青少年への対応の要点 : 少年非行の現状をもとに
廣井 亮一
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This paper describes change in today's children and adolescents based on studying qualitative change in aggressiveness of juvenile delinquents. Aggressiveness in children can, as the grow, potentially lead to problematic behavior (e.g. delinquency, bullying, etc.), or can lead to positive self-assertiveness as they advance into young adulthood, depending on the quality of interaction with adults close to them including parents and teachers. Working from this standpoint, I have examined important issues that can be taken up by the adults concerned to ensure sounder growth of children and adolescents.
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