Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 55
2005-02-28 発行

A study on the vocational education and training at the central human resources department of Renault in French

佐藤 史人
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The purpose of this article is to characterize the education and training of Renault in France, which is in alliance with Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., in terms of the basic course of the industrial strategy and the actual conditions of the system of training. This is based on our fact-finding on the spot, especially on the education and training of line worker. Renault regards the education and training of the workers as an important task, relating with a basic idea. The education and training of Renault has the aim to form a pride at the work and a sense of belonging to Renault. These activities are done responsively by Renault and acknowledged as a right of subordinates. These are practiced beyond the regulation of DIP in terms of the financial support, human resources and working condition. The system of these activities provides the adequate courses according to positions such as "Ap- prentis," "APR (Production line-worker)," "ETAM (Technician)," "Ingenierus et Cadres (Engineer and Administrator) " and so on. It is characteristic to make much of the education and training for workers who are so-called blue-collar.
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