Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 72
2022-02-09 発行

Examination of Promotion of Collaborative Learning by Introducing ICT in Volleyball Unit of Secondary School

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This study examined the promotion of collaborative learning with tablet terminals in four classes in the volleyball unit of a secondary school. The subjects of verification were the descriptions of the learning card and the practice record and review of the instructor in charge. The number of characters in the descriptions of learning for each hour gradually increased from the beginning of the unit, and by the end of the unit, it had increased to write 100characters or more on average. This was written in a larger number of characters than the usual paper learning card, and it was confirmed that modern students are encouraged to write by keyboard. In addition, the descriptions of learning reflect the assignment setting of the lesson, and the content related to cooperation within the team increased as the lesson progressed.Furthermore, by sharing this description with all the class members, the students were recognized as having the same opinion as themselves and rewriting their own description. This can be interpreted as creating a new problem-solving process and deeper metacognition for students. In addition, it is considered that collaborative learning was promoted in the process of describing each person's goals on the tablet and sharing them.
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