Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 72
2022-02-09 発行

Practical Tasks of Sexuality Education in a Special School for Students with Intellectual Disabilities : Based on an Interview Survey Administered to Graduates

知的障害特別支援学校における性教育の実践課題 : 卒業生を対象としたインタビュー調査を通して
KOBATA, Shingo
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This study aims to discuss practical tasks on sexuality education for students with intellectual disabilities in special schools. An interview survey was conducted with two male graduates. Interview items involved what they learned in the lesson of sexuality education,what they wanted to learn on sexuality education in schools, and so on. Results of a qualitative analysis of interview data are discussed. Future tasks are 1)the necessity of early sexuality education, 2) the development of useful educational tools for students with disabilities, and, in particular, 3) Securing appropriate informational resources about sex, gender, and sexuality.
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