Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 68 1
2018-01-31 発行

A Case Study on the “School Internship”

佐藤 史人
伊藤 博美
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In this study, a teacher training course in the national university and another one in the private university are examined from viewpoint of period, credit and the content of field study. Practice teaching in Japanese system is shorter than East Asia countries,it may be insisted that it is in a good opportunity to experience the various duties of a teacher and decrease stress of a student facing practice teaching who want to be a teacher by prolonging spot experience-based activity, including “school internship.” However, it causes a fear that variety and the flexibility that are a merit of “the school internship” are spoiled by legislating in new teacher training course since 2019 as a substitute of the student teaching, on the other hand. Based on such a point, it is demanded now that staffs engaged in teacher training course of Japanese university should perform a teacher training to secure specialty.
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