Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Wakayama University. Educational science 70
2020-02-04 発行

Analyses and Consideration of the Factors Affecting the Comprehensive Evaluation for the Workplace Using Information of a Job Search Site on the Web

HARADA, Syougo
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Keywords Alternative
Text mining
Job search site
Comprehensive evaluation for the workplace
Multivariate analysis
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In recent years, early retirement of young people is remarkable. In particular, 30% of new graduates within three years leave their jobs. In order to increase the retention rate of young people and the satisfaction level of the workplace, it is necessary to understand that there are various problems such as social environment, employers, employees, etc., and work towards solutions. Thus, in this study, we selected companies in the education and learning support industry with a high turnover rate of 46.2% after 3years of employment for new university graduates as case studies. And, the purposes of this study were to categorize companies and clarify relationships between evaluation trends for work and work environment of employees (evaluation words that appears in the reviews)and company types using the evaluation points for evaluation items of the job change site entered by employees. Lastly, we considered these results from a psychological viewpoint.
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